Nelson  Softball currently boasts the best diamond facilities in NZ and now has a new Pavilion all at Saxton Field in Nelson.

Along with this privelage of having the best softball facilities in NZ (4 skinned diamonds),  comes alot of time and effort to prepare, maintain and improve  the diamonds each week.
Permanent outfield fencing has been added to diamonds 1 & 2 and diamonds 3 & 4 are now fully backnetted and offer fantastic playing facilities.
The Nelson Executive is responsible for the impecabile grounds and is constantly keeping on top of them for the regular weekly competition and puts in even more effort for any tournaments that Nelson hosts.

Nelson Softball share their pavilion with Nelson Hockey.
For those not aware the shared pavilion is sited between the new and old hockey pitches and fronting onto the pathway that looks out to diamonds 1 & 2. There has been a tremendous amount of hard work by a number of people from both codes for this to come to fruition, but from a softball perspective Darryl Stratford, Derryn French and Roger Thorn deserve special mention and a huge thank you from everyone associated with Softball for their hard work and determination in driving this project forward.

The stadium boasts two large viewing areas and decks, one which looks over Diamond 1 & 2 for great viewing.
There is a kitchen, a canteen, a bar serving great Sprig and Fern drinks. There are 4 large changing rooms down stairs with toilets and showers as well as a seperate meeting  room for umpires. A huge facility that will be the hub of softball actviity going forward.

Both Nelson City and Tasmand District Councils have contributed a significant amount of capital towards this project and joint fund raising efforts from softball and hockey have been on going for some time now. A management society has been formed, Nelson Hockey Softball Pavilion (2010) Inc, and there will be ongoing fundraising to ensure that both codes are proactive towards achieving the capital contribution required.

Also important to mention is GJ Gardner Homes in Richmond. Owners Graham and Shirley Vercoe have helped with a huge fundraising scheme that had them build a house at cost -with any profits from the house auction going to the Nelson Softball and Hockey Pavilion.
GJ Gardner Homes, Richmond donated a woping $24,000 towards the pavilion costs.
THANKS GRAHAM & SHIRLEY and the GJ Gardner team for your support.